Viral! Netizen May Face Criminal Charges for Cyber Bullying in Facebook

A Netizen on Facebook may face criminal charges for bullying a fellow train passenger.

Karla Monique Olandesca, posted about a male passenger who she claims not a gentleman for not letting her sit. She ranted about how the guy that just glimpsed at her and didn’t mind or letting her take his sit in a busy and crowded train.karla monique olandesca

The guy in the photo seemed to be exhausted or tired. According the comments on the viral post, it’s his choice if he let the woman take his seat or not. Many reiterated  that the woman doesn’t have the right to rant about what happened inside the train.

This was clearly cyber bullying. Olandesca, instead of having the sympathy of many, was in return bashed and bullied back by many. Comments and shares continues to rise up.

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Filipino Dota 2 Team Secured 500k Dollars and Moving Up to Top 8 Playing for 900k Dollars

A Filipino Team just secured a spot in the top 8 for the Dota 2 world championships, securing 500,000 US dollars.

TNC, TheNet.Com, a Filipino team who qualified for the “The International 6 – Dota 2 World Championships” with a current prize pool reaching 20,000,000 dollars, just secured the top 8 beating the top tier team OG, 2-0 in the best-of-three knockouts. OG is a top contender team and the champions in the recent Manila Major.13988081_1056033814478931_3334489045765278128_o

Dota 2. Dota is a competitive game of action and strategy, played both professionally and casually by millions of passionate fans worldwide. Players pick from a pool of over a hundred heroes, forming two teams of five players.

TNC will be facing team DC who also won a straight 2-0 against the Chinese team LGD.

Check out the winning moment below:

Netizens: China’s Olympic Village the Worst Place for Athletes

China, when it comes to products is now widely known as low quality. They can produce almost anything massively but it return, has the lowest quality of all.

Viral for a couple of days now, social media users around the world slam China’s Olympic Village, the place for their Olympic players, as one of the worse places on earth.

Team China‘s Twitter posted some of the photos of their village that showed how some corners of the rooms are damaged, not so good food, and possibly mosquitoes when they sleep.

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Original photos here: XHSports | XHSports – 1 | XHSports – 2 | XHSports – 3

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Two Mayors Cried and Asked Duterte Not to be Named and Humiliated in Public

Two mayors were reportedly crying in front of President Duterte and pleading not to be named publicly to avoid humiliation. The two narco mayors were linked to a drug trade in which the President is currently having a tight and deadly campaign.


These public officials offered the president resignation from their positions but Duterte refused the request as the matter is subject for further investigation.

According to the new PNP Chief, Ronald dela Rosa, aside from these two mayors, other public officials such as governors and other mayors all throughout the country are going to Marawi to seek refuge and protection.
Duterte explained that before he announce names on public, he orders double-checking and thorough investigation to verify the accusations.
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Police Died Upon Serving Warrant of Arrest

August 8, police officer Edmar Bumagat died right upon serving a warrant of arrest to Angelo Tampos in Constancia Street, Makati City.

According to Sr. Inspector Ronald Saquilayan of the Criminal Investigation Section of Makati City Police, SPO4 Bumagat was serving the warrant when the suspect suddenly shot him, he died right on the scene.

Upon seeing SPO4 Bumagat getting shot, the operatives stormed in the suspect right away in which also died on the spot.

Angelo Tampos was a suspect on the loose from murder in 2015.

 news from: evendematafanpage
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