Trending Today! Doctor Against Her Victim of an Accident

Trending today! who is right? is this professionalism or not?

Trending today on Facebook is the doctor who had an accident with a motorcyle. The doctor in the video was caught on cam raising her voice to the victim who suffered gashes. The victim was asking for an X-RAY but the doctor is telling him and his sister that X-RAY is not needed. She also said that she is a doctor and she knows what she is saying, whether the guy needs and X-RAY examination or not.

But the victim and his sister kept on asking for an X-RAY examination. The doctor was telling him he doesn’t need the X-RAY because he was walking and can stand without problems.

Tensions grew high as the doctor was asking someone to call the police.

Maybe the doctor is right, it is a part of her profession to examine and tell the patient the medication and examinations needed. Or she could have granted the request of the victim since they were pushing it – maybe for medical purposes or etc.

What’s your opinion?

Trending Now! Duterte in the Headlines of International Media?

After having the highest position in the government of the Philippines now, President Rodrigo Duterte has been praised not just by the Filipinos but other countries as well, according to the news making rounds today in the social media.

After a couple of weeks after winning the presidential race, President Duterte even made the headlines in the international media. He was already reported in South America, South Korea, Japan and etc. for his tight campaign agaisnt illegal drugs and criminality.

The punisher, castigador, the man of justice as others claimed, Duterte is the president not to mess with. He sides with the poor, can talk face to face with the rebels, and addresses problems right away specially when it comes to corruption.

No wonder why President Duterte is the headline of the international news today.

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Kris Aquino Asking Followers to Defend Her in Social Media Bashing

The Queen of All Media and the youngest sister of the current President, Kris Aquino, asked her followers and supporters during their campaign rally for LP’s bet Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo to defend her in Facebook when their photos became viral that they were using the governments or presidential choppers.

video by: Aksyon TV

According to the Commission of Elections, using government owned facilities to campaign is strictly prohibited. Netizens are bashing Kris Aquino and the Comelec for these actions and calling for the current government to make an action. But, the downside is the current administration is under the LP or President Aquino and they were campaigning for their standard bearer.

No reports or explanations are released by the Comelec as of now.

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Roxas: Laglag-Bala in NAIA not Governments Problem

Just this morning, we saw a video going viral today regarding Roxas making a comment about the laglag-bala scam that is happening in NAIA or Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The latest victims? 2 old couples that can barely walk and carry their bags.

The Liberal-Party presidential bet Mar Roxas made a comment which triggered anger in Facebook claiming it is not the governments problem but a responsibility of the passengers.

The 2 old couple were then escorted by the staff to the police station, they were then taken a mugshot.

These angered popular personalities in Facebook including Atty. Bruce V. Rivera which also made a comment about what Roxas has been claiming.

Months ago, laglag-bala scam trended for a while when many victims came out and reported about the scam of the airport staff that are making during the baggage inspections. After telling the passengers that a bullet is found in their baggage, they will be offered options whether to give money ranging from P30,000-P50,000 or be filed a cased and be imprisoned.

Most of the victims were OFW’s where staff expect they are carrying a large amount of money upon their arrival.

Duterte’s Rape Slur Continues to Heat Up; Rape Victims Challenges Mayor to Psych Evaluation

As the elections closes up, not a month from now, the rape slur that the Davao City Mayor and the current leader in the presidential race Rodrigo Duterte made continues to heat up. Worse, it is now being used against him in his presidential campaign.

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Rape victims claims to be hurt for the joke that Duterte made and is now in discuss with the Commission on Human Rights for a possible case. They also challenge the Mayor to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Trish Kaye Leone, the woman who was very emotional upon making a statement, seems to be very controversial as she was wearing a blue polo shirt with a yellow ribbon which is believed to be from LP or the current Aquino administration.

She is now on the roast in Facebook from Duterte’s supporters saying she is using the mayor’s statement as a black propaganda. Photo’s are now getting viral with her wearing a yellow polo shirt with a “Ituloy ang Daang Matuwid. Roxas-Robredo” mark.

Trish Kaye Leone Daang Matuwid