Viral! Netizen May Face Criminal Charges for Cyber Bullying in Facebook

A Netizen on Facebook may face criminal charges for bullying a fellow train passenger.

Karla Monique Olandesca, posted about a male passenger who she claims not a gentleman for not letting her sit. She ranted about how the guy that just glimpsed at her and didn’t mind or letting her take his sit in a busy and crowded train.karla monique olandesca

The guy in the photo seemed to be exhausted or tired. According the comments on the viral post, it’s his choice if he let the woman take his seat or not. Many reiterated  that the woman doesn’t have the right to rant about what happened inside the train.

This was clearly cyber bullying. Olandesca, instead of having the sympathy of many, was in return bashed and bullied back by many. Comments and shares continues to rise up.

Check out the post here:

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